Project description

Construction site treatment with NODUST®Infra to prevent on-site dust problems of the new highway A31 Zurich - Harlingen in The Netherlands. The project was executed in cooperation with Dura Vermeer Infra BV and Ballast Nedam Infra BV.



  • Dust suppression by binding the top-layer of the soil on the construction site.
  • Make on-site dust suppression more effective and efficient with more flexibility.


  • Outstandingly good results; dust problems fully overcome.
  • Easy application and user friendly through flexible application in times of urgent dust emergencies; Efficient and cost effective alternative to keep the site dust-free without harming the environment.
  • Application with conventional equipment; no special machines needed to treat dust problems.
  • Much more efficient: Less usage of water and water trucks need to be used less often.


  • On-site storage possibility with mobile storage tanks for NODUST®Infra.